Episode 40: Justice for Betty

Justice in any true crime case comes with a certain feeling of satisfaction, but there’s something even more satisfying in seeing a cold case finally find justice. Perhaps it’s the validation of the fact that there is always hope; maybe it’s seeing a family finally get the answers they have painfully sought for years andContinue reading “Episode 40: Justice for Betty”

Episode 39: Wisconsin’s War on Drugs

I’m sure Wisconsin isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about an area with a drug problem, but the sad reality is that drugs are a problem everywhere.  It often seems like a silent epidemic, something to mentally keep on the peripherals.  But even so, it has touched our lives.  FamilyContinue reading “Episode 39: Wisconsin’s War on Drugs”

Episode 36: The Unsolved Murder of Kelly Nolan

It is human nature to crave closure. When it comes to true crimes, that means seeing the perpetrator face the consequences of their actions; seeing justice be served. Sadly, it is actually more often than not, that true crime cases are left without resolution, without closure. And while these cases can be difficult to cover,Continue reading “Episode 36: The Unsolved Murder of Kelly Nolan”

Episode 35: The Murder of Angela Drake

A little late in coming out, but… life. Your 20’s is a time of transition, a mix of “adulting” and letting loose and enjoying your youth. 25-year-old Angela Drake was an extremely social and outgoing young woman who enjoyed hanging out at the bar with her friends but was also passionate about her chosen careerContinue reading “Episode 35: The Murder of Angela Drake”

Episode 33: The Brutal Murder of Theresa Wesolowski

The start of a long holiday weekend is usually something to celebrate; a chance to relax, unwind, and spend time with friends and family. Instead of excitement and celebration, Memorial Day weekend 1999 brought shock and terror to the community of Germantown, WI. When the brutalized body of young Theresa Wesolowski was discovered, those whoContinue reading “Episode 33: The Brutal Murder of Theresa Wesolowski”

Episode 31: Wisconsin’s Gangster History

The Prohibition and the Great Depression of the 1920s and ’30s were lucrative times for outlaws like Al Capone and John Dillinger. Outlaws that they were, they were often on the run, and that usually meant Wisconsin. Wooded and rural, Wisconsin was popular among Chicago-based gangsters for its isolation, not to mention the convenient placesContinue reading “Episode 31: Wisconsin’s Gangster History”