Episode 26: Oh, Cheez!

What do you do when half the podcast crew is down and out with COVID? Switch things up with some “dairy” crimes! In this episode we keep things on the lighter side (we just didn’t have the energy for anything else) with a series of articles covering dairy themed crimes throughout Wisconsin. It should alsoContinue reading “Episode 26: Oh, Cheez!”

Episode 24: Forget Me Not

20 years ago, 7-year-old Alexis Patterson disappeared and has never been seen since. Despite immediate searches of the area, investigation into immediate family, and countless tips over the years, the missing case for Alexis Patterson remains open and officially unsolved. Join the Beer, Cheese, and Murder Gals as we discuss this heartbreaking case as itContinue reading “Episode 24: Forget Me Not”

Episode 22: Cold Justice

With the continued advances in DNA technology and growing popularity of ancestry DNA, stories of decades old cold cases finally seeing resolution and long-awaited justice have swept across the nation. For example, who hasn’t heard about the identification of the infamous Golden State Killer after decades through ancestral DNA. Join us to learn about anotherContinue reading “Episode 22: Cold Justice”


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