Episode 34: The Most Dastardly Crime in History

Join the Beer, Cheese, & Murder Gals as we recount a historic true crime dubbed “The Most Dastardly Crime in History”. The sadly true tale covers a truly senseless loss of life and the reality of a different age of justice. References:

Episode 33: The Brutal Murder of Theresa Wesolowski

The start of a long holiday weekend is usually something to celebrate; a chance to relax, unwind, and spend time with friends and family. Instead of excitement and celebration, Memorial Day weekend 1999 brought shock and terror to the community of Germantown, WI. When the brutalized body of young Theresa Wesolowski was discovered, those whoContinue reading “Episode 33: The Brutal Murder of Theresa Wesolowski”

Episode 26: Oh, Cheez!

What do you do when half the podcast crew is down and out with COVID? Switch things up with some “dairy” crimes! In this episode we keep things on the lighter side (we just didn’t have the energy for anything else) with a series of articles covering dairy themed crimes throughout Wisconsin. It should alsoContinue reading “Episode 26: Oh, Cheez!”


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