Episode 21: Horror in North Cape

When one lives in a “safe” area, you never believe that something bad will happen, let alone a horrific crime with the power to haunt you forever. In the Summer of 1990, the unincorporated town of North Cape was rocked by a truly horrific crime that left those involved with nightmares to this day. With cows behaving oddly, a touch of satanic panic, events seemingly more likely to occur in the movies than in real life, and a connection to infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, this case has it all. In fact, this case shattered my sense of safety; will it shatter yours?

Please note, we did get a bit chatty in this episode (what can I say? we like our Wisco food and drink), so if you want to skip ahead to the crime, you won’t hurt our feelings.

Seriously though, we want your feedback! Follow us on Instagram @beercheeseandmurderpod and drop us a comment or message there or send us an e-mail to contact@beercheeseandmurderpodcast.com. Thanks for listening!


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