Episode 18: The Heartbreaking Case of Clara Olson

In the midst of prohibition, during a time when tobacco was king, a heartbreaking case of love gone wrong turned a small farming community in Western Wisconsin upside down and captured the attention of the Nation. Riddled with sex, lies, and betrayal, it checks all the boxes for a blockbuster movie. Seriously. This needs toContinue reading “Episode 18: The Heartbreaking Case of Clara Olson”

Episode 17: The Milwaukee North Side Strangler

DNA has changed the landscape of criminal investigation and has led to both infamous and not so infamous cold cases see resolution and, if not justice, at least closure. However, despite the advancement in technology, the system still relies upon people, and people are fallible. When human error occurs, dangerous individuals can be left uncheckedContinue reading “Episode 17: The Milwaukee North Side Strangler”

Episode 15: The Kunz Family Murders

In small town Athens, WI, after the festivities and fireworks from the 4th of July celebration fizzled out, the aftermath of a different kind of fireworks were discovered. With nearly an entire family murdered and a woman missing, how much more intriguing could the story get? Tune in to find out! References: https://www.travelwisconsin.com/stories/post/kringle-wisconsins-official-pastry/  https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/doing-bus/real-estate/roadsides/deercarcassremoval.aspx https://www.wqow.com/news/wisconsin/state-patrol-deer-related-crashes-peak-in-october-and-november/article_edfc993e-35dd-11ec-bd1b-efb9394ee2af.htmlContinue reading “Episode 15: The Kunz Family Murders”

Episode 13: The Halloween Killer

Sometimes, even when the details of the case are distorted and lost, when the names of the victims and perpetrators are no longer widely known, the impact of a case can still be felt. Join the Beer, Cheese, and Murder gals as we discuss a tragic Halloween case from Wisconsin’s history with just such aContinue reading “Episode 13: The Halloween Killer”

Episode 11: The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer

In the Fall of 2013, a young and vibrant young woman seemingly vanished into thin air; cameras caught her entering, but she was never seen leaving. In the months and years following, as the mystery unraveled, the media relayed the bizarre and tragic events. Join us as we dive into the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer.Continue reading “Episode 11: The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer”

Episode 10: The Sweetheart Murders

When a young couple with a happy future ahead of them suddenly go missing, a small community took up the search. After a disheartening discovery a few miles away, it would still take months before the young couple would be found, and not with their happy ending. As many cases unfortunately do, the case wentContinue reading “Episode 10: The Sweetheart Murders”