Episode 30: The Boyfriend Did It

If you are a true crime junkie like us Beer, Cheese, and Murder Gals, you know that when it comes to murder, the first place they always look is at the significant other. You’ll also likely know that, statistically speaking, there is a reason why that’s the first place they look. However, the saying “youContinue reading “Episode 30: The Boyfriend Did It”

Episode 29: Azana Salon Shooting

Mass shootings are an all too frequent occurrence these days, but unfortunately, it’s not new, and Wisconsin has suffered their share of shootings. 2012 was a particularly tough year for Wisconsin and mass shootings. Still feeling the shock waves from the Sikh Temple shooting, another mass shooting rocked the community of Brookfield, WI. Join theContinue reading “Episode 29: Azana Salon Shooting”

Episode 27: Sand Bay Tragedy

Join us for a Door County themed episode! For this episode we bring you all things Door County, culminating in a tragic case about a young woman who unfortunately became the obsession of the wrong man; brought to beautiful Door County to celebrate a wedding and new beginnings, she instead met her end. References: https://www.doorcounty.com/media/17823/door-county-fact-sheet.pdfContinue reading “Episode 27: Sand Bay Tragedy”

Episode 25: Wisco Crime Beat, Take 2

Join the Beer, Cheese, and Murder Gals as we take on our next Wisco Crime Beat. Terry brings us news of 7 unsolved (well, 6 unsolved and 1 solved) Wisconsin mysteries, some of which may become future episodes. Jill takes a different tack, bringing us some much-needed levity and some stories of decidedly “dumb” WisconsinContinue reading “Episode 25: Wisco Crime Beat, Take 2”

Episode 24: Forget Me Not

20 years ago, 7-year-old Alexis Patterson disappeared and has never been seen since. Despite immediate searches of the area, investigation into immediate family, and countless tips over the years, the missing case for Alexis Patterson remains open and officially unsolved. Join the Beer, Cheese, and Murder Gals as we discuss this heartbreaking case as itContinue reading “Episode 24: Forget Me Not”

Episode 22: Cold Justice

With the continued advances in DNA technology and growing popularity of ancestry DNA, stories of decades old cold cases finally seeing resolution and long-awaited justice have swept across the nation. For example, who hasn’t heard about the identification of the infamous Golden State Killer after decades through ancestral DNA. Join us to learn about anotherContinue reading “Episode 22: Cold Justice”

Episode 21: Horror in North Cape

When one lives in a “safe” area, you never believe that something bad will happen, let alone a horrific crime with the power to haunt you forever. In the Summer of 1990, the unincorporated town of North Cape was rocked by a truly horrific crime that left those involved with nightmares to this day. WithContinue reading “Episode 21: Horror in North Cape”

Episode 20: Wisco Crime Beat, Take 1

Join the Beer, Cheese, and Murder Gals as we attempt a little something different to bring you some new stories. We will dip our toes into the cases of Jesse Michael Anderson and Chad Maurer. Find us on Instagram @beercheeseandmurderpod for some pictures related to the episode. We want to hear from you, so letContinue reading “Episode 20: Wisco Crime Beat, Take 1”